Frequently Asked Questions

• How to know if I received a message ?
Messages are sent directly to the Email address you enter when you sign up.

• How to answer a message ?
Do not click on "Reply" button of your delivery message system (Outlook). You have to click on the link inside the mail and send the message on the web page.

• I found my match on your site! How to remove my profile now ?
You can click on "Remove my profile" link at the bottom of the "Your Profile" page.

• How to send a message ?
You must be connected.

• How to be connected ?
Enter your Email and Password on the Homepage and click "Login"

• How to know if I am connected ?
When your are connected your pdeudo is written in the menu at the top of the site.

• How to sign out?
Click on Logout menu.

• How to create a Personal Ad ?
You must sign in.

• I didn't received my Password.
Look in your SPAM mailbox. Or may be you signed in with a bad Email. Sign up again.

• I did not receive any messages.
Send messages to receive some. Put a good-looking Picture of yourself.

• I received a Password but it didn't work.
May be your Email is not the same you enter when you sign in.

• Some profile are scammer. What shall I do?
Give your feedback on the profile, it will decrease their confidence rating.

• Congratulation for your web site! How to help it to be known ?
Put the link code below on your site or Personal web page :